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Consumer Target Groups Online Grocery should focus on

Groceries are part of the essential products that everyone needs to literally survive. Thus apparently grocers are in the comfortable position to have practically everyone as their patrons. Concerning establishing online grocery however that could indeed backfire. After all online grocery should of course target all different consumer segments catering specifically to each of their specific needs.


EY consulting firm has identified three consumer segments that could prove particularly accepting towards online offers provided by the traditional grocers:


#1 Double income families
Double income families often have problems finding enough time to go grocery shopping in-store. Thus they are inclined to use the internet for their grocery shopping needs if online grocers promise them time savings. Since families shopping generally generate a higher than average spend they are a specifically attractive consumer segment.


#2 Gourmets
Gourmets like to shop their groceries fresh at the store. They have however long lost their reservations concerning online grocery. This consumer segment uses the internet mostly to search for specialty items that are hard to find in-store. They are able and willing to spend considerably more on these if necessary.


#3 Senior citizens
As they get older senior citizens may face increasing difficulties to do their shopping in-store due to restrictions in their general mobility. Thus the senior consumer segment is increasingly susceptible to home delivery services. Oftentimes seniors are already accustomed to using online shopping and are well capable of doing online purchases by themselves. Alternatively younger family members can assist in the process – even if they are located elsewhere.

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