Hybris Fredhopper Extension

With the Hybris SDL Fredhopper Extension mgm combines the best of two e-commerce worlds for mgm customers: The leading multi-channel solution Hybris Omnichannel Suite and SDL Fredhopper, the market-leading Cloud service for optimizing and personalizing customer experiences through onsite search, faceted navigation, merchandising and predictive targeting.

Our solution consists of two major components: The data interface, configured in the Hybris Management Console (HMC), and the components of the Web Content Management System (WCMS) that visualize the search results and merchandising campaigns driven by SDL Fredhopper in the store frontend according to the requirements.

Less Integration Effort – Higher Performance

The SDL Fredhopper to Hybris Extension reduces development effort compared to an individual integration of SDL Fredhopper into Hybris based stores by up to 90%. It comes with a sample implementation into the current Hybris Accelerator, which can be used directly as starting point for a new project or as a best practice template for the integration into an existing frontend.

This enables our customers to use the comprehensive SDL Fredhopper functionality in a simple and fast way within the Hybris context: An integration project can usually be implemented within a few days. This means an enormous increase in productivity compared to what is usually needed for integrations without the SDL Fredhopper to Hybris Extension!

Using our performance optimized export interface keeps your development team free for feature development instead of it being tied down by problems related to mass data transfer.

With the SDL Fredhopper to Hybris Extension, you configure your page layout as usual within the Hybris WCMS using the mgm SDL Fredhopper components. The division of labor between layout control by the editing department or the CMS team, respectively, and the content control by your category management and merchandising team will in the future work without loss of efficiency by friction.

The result: Designing your pages will be simple and seamlessly integrated into the day-to-day division of labor within an e-commerce team.

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