mgm Commerce ERP


Robust and scalable B2B/B2C platform

mgm Commerce ERP is a tried-and-trusted software solution for online, retail and mail order trade. It consists of a high-performance webshop, a large set of ERP and CRM components and flexible interfaces to marketplaces, payment and transport service providers.


Keep all your processes under control – from purchase planning to returns processing – regardless whether you ship 100 or 10,000 parcels a day. The software continues to perform excellently and adapts to your needs.

Control all your distribution channels

All of the information from the integrated webshop, the shop checkouts and the call centre for catalogue orders or external marketplaces flows together in the platform’s ERP and CRM components. In this way, article, customer, supplier, contract and order data can be managed ideally. Thanks to wide-ranging evaluations and reports, you retain an overview of inventory, product range, revenue and profitability.

For a great customer experience

Plan target group-specific marketing campaigns. Review complete customer histories at a glance. Link and integrate your distribution channels and optimize logistics processes to offer your customers a better shopping experience.

Proven components

mgm Commerce ERP combines proven components that are the result of more than 20 years of experience in the mail order business and the development of highly scalable, transactional Web applications. The basis of the back-end is the multichannel solution Choice 6. It was originally developed by MOS-TANGRAM and has been road-tested by more than 100 mail order companies in Europe, including Kickz, Deerberg, Maskworld, Baldur, Lerros, Wullehus, Hellweg and many more. It is optimally combined at the frontend with a high-performance webshop based on modern open source technologies.

Customizable to your needs

The software supports you in every area: from order entry and inspection to processing, commissioning, dispatch handling, warehouse management, managing returns and debtors, to purchase planning, reporting and marketing. On request we customize the individual components precisely to your needs and take care of integrating them into your existing IT infrastructure.

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