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Store & POS

Integrated point of sale-software

By means of the POS integration of mgm’s commerce software you can connect all stores with your central data base. When customers shop in your store, the checkout system relays the receipts automatically to the surrounding checkout terminals and the central software. If the system is temporarily offline, it is synchronized at a subsequent point in time. All arrivals, sales and returns are gathered and booked at headquarters. Relevant customer information can be accessed in the checkout system and called up online from headquarters.

Integrated flow of goods

The integration of stores to headquarters provides processes for stocking up the local store and mechanisms for recalls. Processes across channels such as orders in a webshop and pickups at local stores or the exchange of goods in stores instead of returns via shipping are supported and stay transparent for customers. Customers can buy credits for online shopping at the point of sale or pay open orders directly.




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