Integrated ERP and CRM functionalities

mgm Commerce ERP combines ERP functionalities such as stock and supplier management with the capabilities of CRM systems – precisely matched for the requirements of distance and stationary trading. All orders run together here – no matter whether they originate from the webshop, the call centre or the store.

Robust, reliable and scalable software

The ERP and CRM functionalities are based on the multichannel solution Choice 6. It was originally developed by MOS-TANGRAM and has beeen developed further as a part of mgm Commerce ERP since 2015. More than 100 mail order companies in Europe rely on the software for their online, retail, and mail order trade. Technically, the system is based on a scalable multilayered architecture. It can be operated on one or several application servers and supports Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems.


User Interface

  • User-friendly, Office style
  • Layout with menu, work and information sections
  • Additional information can be customized individually and dynamically, for example customer- or product-specific information
  • Supports several views simultaneously
  • Masks, fields and styles of the application are individually customizable for every user



  • Adaptable to your business processes thanks to wide-ranging configuration capabilities
  • Multi-client capacity
  • Multi-channel
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currency

Base of customers

  • Quick search for names, addresses, tracking numbers, payments, etc.
  • Latest activities of customers such as the last delivery are displayed first
  • Order numbers are highlighted as links, facilitating direct access to the desired information
  • Complete customer history
  • Additional information with customer-specific information and additional properties is shown individually and dynamically

Stock list

  • Fast and multilingual search for master data, suppliers, manufacturers, classes of articles, etc.
  • Displays all basic data such as master data, inventory, prices, additional characteristics, etc.
  • Additional information can be shown individually and dynamically
  • Fast capture of articles with configurable fields

Recording of orders

  • Displays all the relevant information that is required for an order
  • Simple and fast recording of orders
  • Address check and check for duplicate copies
  • Latest customer activity is shown first
  • Interactive inspection of orders

Import and verification of orders

  • Import of orders from the webshop
  • Credit assessments
  • Address check and check for duplicate copies
  • Verification of orders

Processing of orders

  • Automatic processing of orders
  • Prioritization of processes, for example backorder processing only
  • Pick selection, for example by clients or all orders
  • Create and print pick lists (optimized routes)

Customer documents

  • Multilingual creation of all documents (for example invoices, delivery notes, dunning letters, etc.)
  • Easily customizable and in corporate design
  • Automated creation and distribution via e-mail, SMS, letter or fax

Receivables management

  • All bookings historicized with individual views
  • Credit check handling and credit clarification
  • Credits and refunds to customer accounts


  • Complete accounting of receivables
  • Customer account for every client with accounting balance
  • Booking, booking out, refunds, etc.
  • Lists for handing in (files), all bookable debits, credit card payments or cheque payments
  • Requests for payment and collection orders
  • Booking journal and open item list

Commissioning picking strategies

  • Printing route-optimized pick lists
  • Different picking strategies, for example only solo or only multi-orders, only from warehouse XY etc.

Dispatch handling

  • Picking at packing station by scanner for example
  • Inspection to ensure that all articles match the order
  • Creation and embedding of shipping and parcel labels

Returns management

  • Swift recording of returns, manually or by scanner
  • Detection and processing of partial or complete returns
  • Post articles back into stock and book the customer’s credit in a single operation

Purchase planning

  • Order analysis by stock, minimum stock, sales, orders, backorders, and time of delivery by suppliers
  • Record levels across all warehouses are kept with articles
  • Vendor orders and incoming goods


  • Supplier contracts
  • Management of supplier orders
  • Direct delivery from suppliers to customers (drop shipping)

Stock management

  • Arrivals against supplier orders or booked spontaneously
  • Single- or two-stage arrivals
  • Structured or chaotic stock keeping
  • Detailed stock journal
  • Inventory


  • Wide-ranging selection of reports
  • Reports, create jobs with intervals and recipients
  • Formats PDF, xls(x), csv, doc, as print, e-mail, export or filing
  • Presentation and processing, for example with Crystal Reports
  • Export via XML interface to Excel or csv for example


  • Enables you to find customers that match certain criteria
  • Customer scoring, breakeven analysis
  • Preparation of mailings and newsletter campaigns


  • Every sale and position is assigned to an advertising campaign. You can evaluate the success of every marketing campaign.
  • Management of advertising campaigns with tree structure
  • Cross-client management

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