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Catalogue and Call Centre

Catalogues as incentives to buy

Classic mail order business that relies on printed catalogues and orders by phone is the phoenix of modern commerce. While it has been written off for the time being, this distribution channel is currently experiencing a comeback thanks to high-quality catalogues that are skilfully adapted to the omni-channel landscape. In order to provide a fine service to customers, orders by phone have to be easy, flexible and transparent. That is why mgm Commerce ERP provides modules for the simple recording of orders via call centres or mobile sales representatives in the field.

Call centre integration

The efficient recording and handling of orders is equally important to customers and operators at the call centre. Using mgm Commerce ERP, operators can reserve articles, offer alternative articles, coordinate partial deliveries and examine the backorder management. Moreover, they benefit from easy access to stocks of inventory and from online checks of addresses, duplicates, financial standing and credits. Fast access to customer histories enables operators at the call centre to gain a swift overview of open processes and previous contacts, orders, deliveries and returns.

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