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eCommerce Software for Enterprise Markets and Distributors

Are you a grocer looking to capitalize on online shoppers?
Would you like to quickly and easily map your market’s services digitally?

As the eGrocery business grows, so do customers’ expectations towards food retailers. eCommerce solutions in many other areas of life mean that customers now expect a flexible grocery shopping experience from home. 

Whether you are looking to create an enterprise digital shopping experience or one small online service – mgm’s eGrocery software pairs the right technical solutions with an experienced partner at your side. With a modern and responsive online shop solution including a connected picking app, your first store will be up and running within a very short time with a Click & Collect (pickup in store) offer.

Fast and secure local shopping – even during a pandemic. mgm and SAP make it possible together with you. Thanks to the mgm eGrocery solution, which will connect directly to your ERP system, you can enter the online grocery business with maximum speed and minimum IT effort.

Your Advantage:
mgm eGrocery for the Grocery Trade.

The holistic solution for an uncomplicated setup of your store based eGrocery shop.

   Efficient click & collect solution
   Low implementation effort
   Productive within 2 months
   eCommerce & fulfillment apps
   Onlineshop via SAP Commerce Cloud
  In-store picking & packing with ShopperKit cloud
   No implementation costs for owned IT infrastructure

Our clients: trust in mgm eCommerce expertise.

Innovation for the eGrocery Business:
Our Software Solution for Your Challenges


mgm has over ten years  of eGrocery specific IT implementation experience. Our specialized team knows how to exceed the expectations of both grocery retailers and consumers.

As an SAP partner, we have incorporated our many years of experience in online retailing into an application that forms the perfect interface between traditional food retailing and online business: the mgm eGrocery solution based on the SAP Commerce Cloud.

Store suitability for order processing
Product data labeling compliance
Local offers (on store level)
Weighed goods,
container deposit
Replacements and substitution products
Order processing with a large number of articles
Food safety management
Pickup and delivery management





Store Suitability for Order Processing


  • Stable WIFI or mobile network for operation of the mobile picking solution
  • Staging area for prepared orders with refrigerator and freezer
  • Dedicated customer parking spaces for order pickup (Click & Collect)




Product Data Labeling Compliance


  • Adhere to product labeling regulations online using an intuitive Product Information Management (PIM) solution
  • Support compliant labeling through custom applications with definable classification categories





Local Offers (on Store Level)


  • Intelligent solution for online display of limited, local, or store specific products
  • Connect to some existing backend systems to control local prices and availabilitiy




Weighed Goods, Container Deposit


  • Integration of the supply of weighed goods (e.g. from the fresh produce counter or deli counters) into online orders, including app supported, time accurate control of preparation for the picking process.
  • Display and calculation of deposit items including integration of existing deposit return processes




Replacements and Substitution Products


  • Generate relevant and real time suggestions for replacement products when stock is unavailable
  • Automatically display order adjustments in case of substitute products or unavailability




Order Processing With a Large Number of Articles


  • Robust online shop front end and back end to process large shopping carts quickly and efficiently
  • Well organized, app supported and packing to reliably stock large numbers of orders during peak times




Food Safety Management


  • Reliable compliance with cold products – including picking and packing as well as order staging at the store
  • Structured route guidance for app-supported picking at the store




Pickup and Delivery Management


  • Reliable solution for planning and management of pickup or delivery time slots
  • Easy support for local delivery via mobile solutions
  • Optional third party system connections for delivery

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Cloud-Based and Immediately Available With Little IT Effort.

Enter the online food trade – quickly, easily and without additional IT infrastructure, effort and costs.

Use two established cloud based solutions to deploy a package of services in an efficient browser based way: from product information management to online shop to store fulfillment – all from a single source.

The Software Solution for Online Grocery.

E-Commerce Platform


  • SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Responsive shop front end out-of-the-box (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop)
  • eGrocery functions out-of-the-box:
    • Store selection according to pickup/delivery areas
    • Digital offer flyer with add-to-cart function
    • Optimized product search
    • Mini-cart, direct-add-to-cart
    • Customizable shopping lists
    • Direct order from shopping lists & order history
    • Recipe feature with add-to-cart function
    • Various delivery and pickup options
    • Selection of pickup/delivery slots based on availability
    • Extensive customer self-service options
  • Various payment functions
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Full integration with Shopperkit in-store picking app

Fulfillment Platform

  • ShopperKit in-store picking app to control the picking & packing process and pickup & delivery
  • Deep integration with SAP Commerce Cloud (order processing, booking and returns)
  • Control via tablet, smartphone, scanner, etc.
  • Different roles: picker, fresh produce counter, deli counter, pick-up provision, carryout
  • Optimized routes along shelf aisles specific to each individual store layout
  • Multi order picking
  • Delivery and slot planning, connection to route management via API
  • Integrated customer chat for order pickers
  • 3-zone temperature management (ambient, cool, frozen)
  • Intelligent booking of deposits, weighed goods, replacement items, returns, etc.
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